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Rory McIlroy / Image from Getty Images

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With many of the same techniques that helped a young Rory McIlroy learn, excel and develop a passion for golf, instructor Michael Bannon will help youngsters learn and improve at golf in a new digital video series, Breaking into the Game: Juniors with Michael Bannon exclusively on GOLFPASS.

As McIlroy’s lifelong coach, Bannon has seen many of the same philosophies and techniques he shares in the series help turn his prize student in the mid-‘90s into the world’s top-ranked professional golfer today. Breaking into the Game: Juniors will be presented in nine parts and will provide up-and-coming junior golfers with the necessary, easy-to-understand tools required to play the game, while keeping a close eye on having fun.

“I’m very aware of the great responsibility that I have when teaching juniors, because they’re just starting out in life,” Bannon said.

“When teaching in this series, I made it a priority that we don’t get overly complicated, to present lessons in a language and style that connects with kids’ interests, and also to make it simple and fun.”

Bannon notes that fun is a key that keep kids coming back to golf, a point well-emphasised in the series, especially to parents who oftentimes accompany their kids to the golf course.

“When you can set them up to have some success early on, that’s when the game becomes fun and they’ll want to play more,” Bannon said.

Each episode of Breaking into the Game: Juniors focuses on specific skill sets for juniors, like ball striking, swing mechanics, club selection, swing speed and more. McIlroy also makes several appearances in the series, offering tips and advice to aspiring golfers and recounting some of the lessons he learned from Bannon that still resonate for him today.

“Juniors that are trying to emulate what I have done, I would say to them, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Michael taught me that,” McIlroy said. “His style and caring demeanour really resonate with younger people.”

Watch a Series Preview HERE



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