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PGA Tour star Harold Varner III has hit out at the widespread civil unrest in the U.S., following the police killing of George Floyd.

The 29-year old posted a very emotional 632-word statement via his Twitter account praying for equality, justice and unity following the Minneapolis Police killing of Floyd.

Varner III began by saying: “To whoever wants to listen, I have so much I want to say.”

“Here’s the obvious: George Floyd should still be alive. This was a senseless killing – a murder – and, to me, an evil incarnate.”

“But life is more nuanced than just a simple statement, and if there is one thing that is emblematic of today’s society, I think it’s that we constrict ourselves to a single-minded thought.

“But that ain’t life. You can be against a cop savagely killing a man and also have the perspective to say that burning businesses and police stations is wrong … we must allow ourselves to go beyond this one-or-the-other mentality.”

In his statement, Varner III also criticised the media for exacerbating the situation “for whatever motives they have – by implicating one side of a story”.

And he added: “In my heart, I know we have a country filled with good people. It’s time to start recognising that.”

TV pictures, for a fourth night running, continue to tear at the heartstrings of a country reeling from the deaths of more than 100,000 from the COVID-19 pandemic while the awful sight of police having to use tear gas and rubber-bullets to clear a path for a pathetic US President in Donald Trump to cross the street from the White House for a publicity photo shoot in front of a church has again led to outcry.

The fact Trump held the bible upside down just shows what a continuing laughing stock he has become. Little wonder then Varner described how single-minded thought can get people “stuck” while protests and police relations devolve into violence but, like all civil-minded persons, he deplores the countrywide looting.

“Yes, the cop acted in the most horrific of ways,” he added.

“No, not all cops are like that. Yes, people are rightly angry. No, we don’t need to loot to make our point. In my heart, I know we’re a good country filled with good people. It’s time we start recognizing that.”

There is a lot of beauty and love in this world. I pray for equality & social justice as we all so desperately deserve that in this day and age. I pray for humanity even more because regardless of color, WE need each other to make that change. Stay safe. Love you guys.”

PGA Tour Chief responds

According to a memo obtained by Golf Channel, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan addressed his staff via email Monday about his organisation being “part of the solution.”

The memo was also to be sent out to PGA Tour players on Tuesday, according to a source.

“This past weekend, I – like many of you, I’m sure – spent a lot of time trying to understand and process the civil unrest that has engulfed many cities across the United States, following the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“The hardships and injustices that have and continue to impact the African-American community are painful to watch and difficult to comprehend. And as a citizen of this country and a leader of this organization, I must admit that I’m struggling with what my role should be. But I’m not giving up.”

Monahan went on to say that he had engaged in several “emotional” conversations with colleagues and friends in the black community who showed him that “sometimes listening and making a commitment to understand are the only things you can offer, and that’s OK.”

“We might not know exactly what to do right now but we shouldn’t be deterred. We should communicate and learn. We should talk to our family, friends and colleagues in an open and compassionate way. We should grow as individuals and as an organization. And, most importantly, we should demand better.”

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