Golf to resume in Northern Ireland on Wednesday

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The fairways across all four corners of Ireland will be open on Wednesday after Northern Ireland was given the green light to resume play with further restrictions to be lifted in NI this week.

The Golfing Union of Ireland have stated that regulations that must be amended in order to resume play will not be in place on time for a Tuesday restart but it’s still good news for golf in the North, albeit with players having to endure another day’s wait.

It now leaves Scotland as the only country in Great Britain and Ireland still playing the waiting game with its neighbours all happily back on the fairways.

Over the weekend, the GUI published safe return to play protocols for golf in Northern Ireland and First Minister Arlene Foster has echoed the importance of sticking to these guidelines to ensure golf can continue into a prosperous summer.

As with golf in the Republic, it will be members only with no competitions permitted, however, unlike the south, no travel restriction will be in place.

Click HERE to view how to Stay Safe on the golf course during covid-19.

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3 responses to “Golf to resume in Northern Ireland on Wednesday”

  1. John Law avatar
    John Law

    No members! Why?! We can drive across Northern Ireland; we can spend all day with 5 other people; but because I’m not a member of a club but prefer to visit loads of courses I can’t play a round on my own!!! Come on GUI! This isn’t about limiting travel as you’ve stated in your protocol document (there are no limits on travel across Northern Ireland). Why would you impose such a requirement??!! Not impressed!

  2. richard dillon avatar

    How is the club you choose to play at going to track and trace you as a visitor to their club??How do they know who you have been in contact with if there is a problem??that I would suggest is the criterion the GUI have adopted-and I fully concur with it-until the pandemic relents clubs have to restrict access to their own members-and I fully endorse that stance as well

  3. Michael Morris avatar
    Michael Morris

    GUI didn’t introduce the travel restrictions!! Its down to each country to police it according to their guidelines and rules. Nothing to do with the GUI, they are innocent.

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