Ireland’s Top 10 Par Threes

Kevin Markham

The par 3, 16th hole at Tralee Golf Club in West Barrow, Ardfert, Co Kerry, Republic of Ireland.

Kevin Markham

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Ireland has a vast range of amazing short holes… from ocean drama to hilltop happiness to the terrors in the trees. We can all make birdies… we can all make double bogeys but whatever our score, we all love a great par three.

Picking a top ten is unbelievably tough, mainly because of the amazing holes that have to be left out. We started at number 10 on Tuesday – the 8th hole at Druids Glen – followed by number 9 – the famous ‘Dell’ hole, the 5th at Lahinch – followed by number 8, the first of a great collection of par threes, hole 4 at Co Sligo – at number 7 we chose the superb finishing hole at Killarney – 18 on Mahony’s Point while coming in at 6 was one for the worshippers, the 12th aptly named ‘Mass Hole’ at Waterville.

We’re now into the top 5 ahead of Friday’s reveal of our favourite short hole on the island of Ireland. How do you think we’re doing so far?



Tralee 16th, 199/179/138 yards

Tralee’s 3rd and 13th are both beautiful short holes, no question, but as at Druids Glen and Waterville, there is another hole that stands out. The 16th – named Shipwreck – tells golfers exactly what is in store. It is another seriously tough hole and yet a peach to play.

It is, perhaps, too tough as there is nowhere to seek refuge other than the green which sits in the midst of the dunes, right on the edge of the beach. The green is hardly generous in size, either, and you will see all of this from a tee that is higher than the putting surface. The best ‘miss’ may be to find one of the three bunkers as going long will leave a recovery shot from a bank above the green which slides back down towards the bunkers and then off the front lip into rough. Going right, down onto the beach where scenes from Ryan’s Daughter were filmed in 1970, is also not an option.

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One response to “Ireland’s Top 10 Par Threes”

  1. D.O'Sullivan avatar

    Hermitage’s hole 10 must be in the top ten. Off the tee drop down to carry bunker, tweet a little right and in the woods, tweet a little left and it going to the river Liffey.

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