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PGA Head Professional in Naas Golf Club, Bernard Quigley presents you with driving range session with a difference:

Perusing the driving range, where I am attached in Naas Golf Club, I regularly notice a lack of structure or practice constraints in golfers as they hit ball after ball without consequence.  

Mindlessly focusing on block practice and technique, rather than process or outcome, can only improve your score by so much. However, adding in some variety and imagination will go a long way towards improving your skill level and lead to better golf.  

The 50-ball practice challenge is a routine you can employ during your range session to add consequence, variety and ultimately improvement! So here it is:

50 balls. Follow the description for each shot. Treat each shot as you would on the golf course: Pick a target and do your full routine. Rate yourself on a scale 1-10 on how well you execute the desired shot. 1=Not great, 10=Excellent. Keep track of the shots you did hit well and the ones you didnt hit so well. Use this as a guide for your next practice session The first 20 shots are a warm up…

1 to 5 Feet together
6 to 10 Focus on good posture
11 to 15 Focus on good alignment changing target for each shot
16 to 20 Focus on good rhythm
21 Hit the highest possible trajectory with your 9 iron
22 Hit the tee shot on the 1st hole of your home course
23 Hit the lowest possible trajectory with your 7 iron
24 Hit the approach shot on the 18th hole of your home course
25 Hit a high fairway wood/hybrid
26 Hit a 45 yard pitch shot into a soft green
27 Hit a low pitching wedge
28 Hit a draw with your 6 iron
29 Hit the 18th tee shot of an important tournament
30 Hit the approach shot on your favourite hole
31 Hit your 9 iron as low as possible
32 Hit a fade with your 4 iron
33 Hit a recovery shot 70 yards from a green
34 Hit a high fairway wood/hybrid
35 Hit your 7 iron the normal distance of your 9 iron
36 Hit a straight drive
37 Hit the tee shot on the 17th hole in Sawgrass – 130 yards
38 Hit a sand wedge as high as possible
39 Hit a 6 iron on a par 3 where the pin is 10 feet from the edge
40 Hit a low draw with a long iron
41 Hit the tee shot on the 17th hole in St. Andrews
42 Hit a high fade with a short iron
43 Hit the postage stamp at Royal Troon
44 Hit a low fade with your 8 iron
45 Hit your driver the same distance as your 5 iron
46 Hit a high draw with your 5 iron
47 Hit a pitch over high trees to a pin 5 paces from a bunker
48 Hit a low hybrid/fairway wood
49 Hit a 5 iron into an imaginary 30 MPH wind
50 Hit your driver as far as you can

Bernard Quigley has 15 years’ experience in teaching and custom fitting.  Coaching all standards of players from beginner to advanced. With a state-of-the-art Trackman indoor coaching and custom fit studio and recently renovated short game facility. Individual, group and packages available.  

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