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Improve your game through daydreaming

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The inspirational title for this tip surely has us hooked? For the week that’s in it John Kelly provides us with a nice tip on how to use your daydreams to improve your golf.

Legend has it that an American solider, Major James Nesmeth, played his best round of golf after a 7-year break from the game. The Major was a POW for those 7 years during the Vietnam War.

During his time of incarceration, he played a full 18 holes every day in his head. He visualised walking down the fairway holding the club hitting each shot holing every putts. After his release he decided to go and play a game of golf and shot 74, a full 20 shots better than his previous best.

While I don’t recommend taking a 7-year break from the game, spending a few minutes every day visualising yourself hitting great shots on your local course will definitely help your game. Try and feel yourself holding your club making a loose golf swing and watching the ball fly through the air onto the fairway. If you are working on something in your swing visualise your swinging the way you want to.

When you go out to play try and recreate the feelings you had when practicing it will help your game.

Must Read


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