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Many of us have broken our new year resolutions already but a golfing ambition for 2017, now that’s different.
How many of us pondered our golfing prowess over the Christmas and New Year break? How many set a New Year’s resolution to improve our putting, our practice regime, our scoring? It is the fairweather golfers who are afflicted by these ambitions most of all because we’ve let playing golf take a backseat to thinking about it.
Who, after all, doesn’t want to reduce their handicap? Golf cheats excepted! Who wouldn’t like to be invited to play on a team… even if you’ll say ‘no thanks’? What golfer among us doesn’t aspire to win a club competition?
I asked the question “What are your ambitions for 2017?” on, Twitter and Facebook and these are the responses I got:

  • I’d like to get into the Pierce Purcell team and get the handicap down by 3 shots. Darren Stenson
  • Like to get to scratch. Very disappointed last year that I couldn’t achieve this. I was 1.6 at the beginning of the year. I would like also to finally break my duck and win a senior scratch… that would be my goal. John Dwyer
  • I’d love to see Wicklow GC continue our strong inter-club performances of 2016. Clubs need success and the feel-good factor. Personally, I want to win a medal. Peter Kavanagh
  • I would love to get some consistency into my game where I know that I can score mid 30s every round. Also want to play some of the marquee courses in Ireland: Mount Juliet, Carton, Druids Glen etc. One Man Clappin
  • My ambition for the year is simply to play more golf than ever before. 100 rounds in 2017 is the aim. Paulos53
  • I started playing last year and my handicap is 28. Goal this year is to hit a ball straight! Slice is KILLING me. Broke 100 a few weeks ago, so at least the number is moving in the right direction. Vinny Chase
  • I’d like to try and get some of the great western links under my belt – have half a mind on trying the Atlantic Coast Challenge as well. BigChap1759
  • Ambition for year ahead is simple. Hope I can enjoy every time I tee it up regardless of where it might be. Enjoy the odd good round and take the bad ones on the chin knowing that there’ll be a lot of them!! Curly Head
  • I am going to take the plunge and get lessons for the first time in probably 30 years, though I did take time from playing for a big chunk of that. Nervous and excited to see the change. So I guess the ambition is to take on board the changes and see an improvement to my game. Webbs
  • I am going to the Open in Liverpool with a mate this year so can’t wait for that!! It has always been on my to do list. Benny79
  • Get the bad rounds into the 30s more often. Get down in 3 at worst from inside 100 yards, which should see the handicap tumble in 2017. Mike 12
  • Be happy with the clubs I have!!! Too often I get to May and think “This driver isn’t working for me”… then buy a new driver and, six weeks later, try to flog it and go back to my original driver which is now working AMAZINGLY! Titlebearer


  • Make more friends through golf. I’ve found playing with better golfers really helps me improve different parts of my game through small tips! Play as much as I can, roll on summer! Damo 2k9

Then you have the determined:

  • I’ve done out a spreadsheet for 2017 to see what needs improving. Headings include FIR, GIR, where the misses are etc., and from the one round I’ve played it’s obvious: I need to get more pitches, chips and putts to the hole, so that’s the goal. Idle
  • Get up and down from inside 20-30 yards; Hit more greens from 120 in; Make 50% putts inside 10 feet; Handicap down to 12; Win Competition; Feature in Club Major. Michael Henchard

And the overly ambitious:

  • Play a round with Trumpy in Doonbeg. Paul Leufer
  • Might get a round in with Elise Lobb at some stage. Armchair Andy
  • Learn how to properly operate the new Powakaddy trolley that I bought myself! Tonc76


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