Foresight Sports’ most affordable launch monitor, the all-new GC3, is now available to order

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In recent years, Foresight Sports has seen its GCQuad become the most used and trusted launch monitor across the PGA Tour and wider golf industry. Now the market-leader is bringing the same tour-dominating technology to golfers everywhere with the brand new GC3.

The award-winning GC3 has received exceptional reviews since releasing into the US market in Autumn 2021. Now, the latest addition to the Game Changer (GC) family is available to purchase for all UK and European golfers.

Built on the same advanced photometric technology found in the company’s flagship GCQuad, the GC3 features a three-camera system that measures ball and club performance data with unmatched precision both outdoors and indoors, all for a third of the total investment for GCQuad with FSX Software.

According to Foresight Sports US Sales Director, Rick Cuellar, the GC3 answers a long-awaited need in the golf industry – making the highest-level performance, gaming, and entertainment technology accessible to more golfers. “The GC3 was designed from the start to fill the gap between our original ball-data-only GC2 and the unmatched data insight of our GCQuad. It delivers the essential ball and club data players need to reliably improve their game as well as power a true-to-life virtual golf experience. No other product on the market comes close to delivering this range of options – nor this level of indoor/outdoor accuracy – at this price.”

The GC3 is the most affordable Foresight Sports product to date, complete with a package that includes the full FSX Software platform, FSX Pro performance insight tool and the first release of the new FSX Play software.

The GC3 is also ideal as the engine powering the range of net-based, swing room and full simulator options from Foresight, including the revolutionary Sim-in-a-Box™ range. Flexible finance packages are also available to split the investment into manageable monthly payments.

Having already experienced exceptionally high demand globally, Foresight Sports Europe is advising anyone looking to order a GC3 for use this summer or beyond should get in touch to reserve their unit as soon as possible.

To learn more about the GC3 and pricing / delivery information please visit HERE

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