TaylorMade Adds a New Tier & Bold New Look with SpeedSoft

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TaylorMade is trying to make significant inroads in the golf ball category in 2024 and just completed their ball lineup for the season.

The new TP5 and TP5x will no doubt take most of the headlines but at 60 euro per dozen its a non runner for some. For budget-minded golfers who still want a ball that delivers solid performance and doesn’t feel like a rock when you hit it, TaylorMade is releasing the SpeedSoft. This two-piece, ionomer-covered ball was designed to provide soft feel, more distance and possibly add some pizazz to your game.

The newly released SpeedSoft golf ball plays a critical role in the dynamic lineup of 2024 TaylorMade golf balls. This low-compression design is engineered with a singular focus: delivering the softest possible feel while maintaining explosive speeds for the everyday golfer.

Fuelled by a new PWRCORE technology that makes it the softest ball on the TaylorMade roster, paired with competitive pricing, SpeedSoft is the ideal blend of performance and affordability. It features a low-compression core that balances distance and ultra-soft feel on iron approaches and wedge shots around the green.

“SpeedSoft represents a significant stride in our ongoing commitment to delivering performance products to golfers of all skills. With a deliberate focus on engineering a low-compression design, this is the first time we’ve created a TaylorMade golf ball with a compression delta below 50. SpeedSoft stands out as a game-changer for its unparalleled combination of soft feel and explosive speeds.”
Josh Dipert, Director of Product Development Engineering, Golf Ball SpeedSoft Ink – Add a Splash of Colour to Your Game

Building upon the exceptionally low-compression and ultra-soft feel of SpeedSoft, the new SpeedSoft Ink introduces a vibrant visual technology showcased by a distinctive paint-splatter design.

Designed with high contrast and high visibility in mind, SpeedSoft Ink introduces TaylorMade’s proprietary multi-axis print technology at a more accessible price point, bringing the brand’s industry leading visual technology capabilities to a broader audience for the first time. Beyond the performance benefits of visual technology, SpeedSoft Ink represents a canvas of personality and style ideally suited for those who dare to break convention, changing the way golf balls look to the core golfer.

“The market demand for golf balls with visual technology is on the rise, reflecting a growing segment of golfers who seek more than just the traditional white ball experience. We feel like this is a segment that has previously been ignored, and with SpeedSoft Ink we are meeting this demand while also taking a bold step towards catering to the modern golfer’s desire for visual technology without sacrificing performance.” Michael Fox, Senior Director of Product Creation, Golf Ball

Offered in four different colourways (Green, Red, Blue, and Pink), SpeedSoft Ink invites a palette of possibilities and roars with personality. This is the first time TaylorMade has offered significant visual technology at this price point.

SpeedSoft, and SpeedSoft Yellow will be available at an RRP of €36 per dozen. The new SpeedSoft Ink will also be available at an RRP of €38 per dozen.

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