Callaway Golf announce its new Chrome Soft golf ball line-up for 2022

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Callaway has launched its new line-up of Chrome Soft for 2022 with its Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X and Chrome Soft X LS golf balls. Each of these new golf ball offerings incorporates the company’s proprietary new Precision Technology to deliver their tightest dispersion, consistently fast ball speeds and total performance.

In the past Chrome Soft were exposed for having a number of off centre cores, something that seriously hampered its growing market share but Callaway have now invested over $50 million to enhance every component, process, and measure for the highest quality golf balls. With Precision Technology using techniques and manufacturing specifications up to 1/1000th of an inch using a new 3D X-ray technique for every ball that leaves its plant. Callaway are are not only getting X-raying for centredness of their cores, but every layer inside the golf balls is getting the same precision treatment.

According to a recent study by Callaway, it’s not just off-centre cores that can cause problems in performance. Apparently, if the other mantle layers are off-centre, there can also be drastic negative effects. The study showed that an off-centre inner and outer mantle layer can cause a difference of 2.7 mph in ball speed, 2.1 degrees of launch angle, 1200 rpm of spin, 4.8 yards of distance and 16.7 yards of dispersion. The study tells us if you’re hitting a golf ball with imperfections you are missing greens and fairways depending on how the golf ball is aligned on impact.

To eliminate these issues from Chrome Soft Callaway are 3D X-raying every golf ball with high-resolution edge detection technology that can measure these imperfections offering greater consistency for golfers on every shot with every new Chrome Soft.

As well as enhanced quality controls, each of the three new Chrome Soft models have received a new Tour Aero cover to optimise ball flight in and a new Hyper-Elastic SoftFast Core to increase speed. Below are the differences in each model. All models are available for €59 per dozen and come in white and yellow options and also available in Callaway’s Triple Track Technology for enhanced alignment, and in hi-res Truvis designs.

Chrome Soft golf ball, which is the softest of the models, is made for the widest range of players who want all-around performance and a soft feel. With the new core construction and aerodynamic cover pattern, Callaway was able to increase speed and reduce spin on long shots without changing the familiar soft feel.

Chrome Soft X is Callaway’s #1 ball on Tours worldwide. It’s a great option for the better, faster- swinging players who want excellent spin consistency and Tour level short game control. Key performance characteristics include high ball speeds off the tee, workable iron shots, and Tour level greenside control.

Chrome Soft X LS is designed for max distance in a fine-tuned lower spin profile. It’s especially suited for players who want to hit their longest drives off the tee, with a tremendous combination of distance and a straight ball flight. Key performance characteristics include very fast ball speed off the tee, penetrating long iron shots, straight ball flight, and excellent greenside control.


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