New 2017 Srixon Z-Star and Z-StarXV released

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The 5th generation Srixon Z-Star and Srixon Z-Star XV golf ball range have been released today.
The Z-Star’s 3-piece construction means maximum control and feel where the Z-Star XV’s 4-piece construction means maximum distance with a firmer feel. Both the new Z-Star and Z-Star XV models feature a newly developed 338 dimple pattern. There’s five different sized dimples which Srixon say lowers drag right after launch and increases lift after the ball reaches its apex which helps the ball stay in the air for longer and means exceptional performance and feel in the wind.

To improve spin control and a soft feel around the greens Srixon have also updated the Spin Skin technology on both models. A new Spin Skin urethane coating that Srixon say is 13 per cent softer than the previous model. The high-durability, ultra-thin (0.5mm) urethane cover provides more consistent spin control on approach shots from any lie, especially from the rough. Is also is highly durable and has scuff resistance on wedge shots.
2017 Srixon Z-Star
As well as a new improved Spin Skin cover and dimple pattern, The Srixon Z-Star is a three piece tour ball featuring a new “Super-soft” E.G.G. (Energetic Gradient Growth) large-diameter core that has enhanced outer hardness and inner softness and feels softer than the previous model, providing higher launch and lower driver spin. Combine these features and the new Z Star offers the most complete performance compared to the previous 5 versions.
2017 Srixon Z-Star XV
The ball of choice by Shane Lowry the new Srixon Z-Star XV is a four piece construction. It features a new “High-repulsion” E.G.G. large-diameter dual core has been redesigned with a larger, softer inner core with varying hardness and an outer core with more consistent hardness. The new outer core promotes higher repulsion and increases ball speed, while the new inner core design provides the optimal launch conditions having higher launch angle and lower driver spin.
Use the correct ball that suits your game
Both Z-Stars are tour balls but are tailored to perform for different golfers. The Z-Star’s 3-piece construction means maximum control and feel where the Z-Star XV’s 4-piece construction means maximum distance with a firmer feel. When choosing a golf ball remember tour balls like Z-Star are designed to perform higher than average club speeds. Srixon have a range of softer balls which are easier to compress at slower swing speeds. Generally the Z-Star performs at a 90+ mph swing speed and is a mid-launch ball delivering high greenside spin. While the Z-Star XV performs best at 100+ mph swing speeds, and delivers a mid to high launch and high greenside spin.

Both the Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV models will be available from the 17th February, with an RRP of €51 per dozen and available in the familiar pure white and tour yellow finish.

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