Callaway launch its full golf ball line-up for 2017

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Soft Feel with Tour-level Distance, Workability and Control

Callaway has today announced its full golf ball line-up for 2017. The four models include a new addition to the Chrome Soft line up, the Chrome Soft X, offering soft feel with Tour-level distance, workability and control.
Chrome Soft X and Chrome Soft share four-piece ball construction consisting of Callaway’s innovative two-layer Dual SoftFast Core, spin-regulating SubMantle and ultra-soft urethane cover, as well as flight-extending HEX aerodynamics. The difference lies in Chrome Soft X’s firmer core and cover combination, which promotes more ball speed off the tee, more spin through-the-bag, and a piercing and workable ball flight.

Commenting on Chrome Soft X, Dave Bartels, Callaway’s senior of golf ball R&D, said: “Chrome Soft is designed to promote a high, straight, distance-enhancing trajectory. In Chrome Soft X we wanted to create a ball that does everything Chrome Soft does, but with a piercing trajectory and more workable ball flight desired by many Tour Professionals and elite amateurs.”


Increased Distance and Soft Feel
The Dual SoftFast Core is engineered to promote faster ball speed and distance off the long clubs and more control in the short clubs.

Longer Carry from HEX Aerodynamics
Promotes longer carry and distance with a lower, piercing and workable ball flight for a Tour ball.

Superior Distance off the Long Clubs and Control off the Short Clubs
The advanced Tri-ionomerTM mantle design helps to regulate spin for each club. It promotes less spin off the long clubs for distance, and more spin off the short irons and wedges for control into the green.
Soft Feel and Increased Greenside Control
An ultra-thin urethane cover combines outstanding greenside control with extraordinary feel.

As well as the new Chrome Soft X Callaway improved their other ball offerings for 2017.
Supersoft is Callaway’s softest-feeling golf ball, that dials in super-straight distance. The company’s lowest compression golf ball, it features a new ultra-low compression core to promote faster ball speeds and super-low spin for longer, straighter flights on full shots.

A soft cover and new, premium HEX Aerodynamics® with refined surface contours, help reduce drag and enhance lift for increased carry and longer distance. Improved greenside control comes from a new, softer Tri-ionomer™ cover that increases softness for better feel and creates more shot-stopping wedge spin.

Completing the 2017 line-up is the new and improved Warbird Golf Ball
Specifically designed for distance-seekers, it benefits from a large, soft, highly compressible high-energy core that unlocks astonishing ball speed. Coupled to HEX Aerodynamics® to reduce drag and promote a high launch, Warbird is perfect for players seeking increased speed off the tee, more hang-time and more yards.

The 2017 Callaway Golf Ball line-up will be available from February 3, 2017.  All balls are available in white and yellow colour options, with Truvis colour options available in the Chrome Soft range.
RRP Per Dozen – Chrome Soft X and Chrome Soft €47, Warbird €23 and SuperSoft €30

Chrome Soft X

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