Go long, go soft, go low with the all new Srixon AD333

Peter Finnan
Peter Finnan

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One of the longest established and best-selling golf balls on the Irish market has launched its 11th generation with the new Srixon AD333 ball for 2024.

The all-new AD333 takes its high-performance design to a new level with tour-inspired technologies that deliver exceptional distance and feel on every shot. With a slightly
lower compression rating and softer cover than the previous generation, AD333 packs even more spin performance and control than ever before.

“The new AD333 is a great ball for those seeking more control from tee to green,” said Joe Miller, European Product Manager, Srixon Sports Europe. “This ball will give golfers
the feedback they’re looking for performance-wise, along with added distance forgiveness, and control on approach or feel based shots. Sustainability is also at the core of the new AD333, with plastic being significantly reduced on all packaging and zero carbon emitted from either of our two golf ball plants.”

Sharing several of the same technologies as the tour-validated Z-STAR series, the AD333 features a two-piece ionomer design that offers great value and powerful performance.
To reduce unwanted spin off the tee and promote a straighter, longer ball flight, AD333’s compression was gently lowered from 72 to 70 allowing for more deformation at impact.

Additionally, AD333’s softer ionomer cover ensures prolonged groove contact, for more bite on approach shots. This unique construction enables the AD333 to generate higher ball speeds without compromising feel, especially for players with moderate swing speeds. A reformulated FastLayer Core transitions from soft in the centre, to firm around the outer edge, which adds ball speed without sacrificing feel. Complementing the FastLayer Core is Srixon’s 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, promoting a penetrating ball flight and distance gains in any playing conditions. The AD333 now packs even more green side spin thanks to Spin Skin, a specialised coating designed to dig deeper into club face grooves. This coating helps maximise spin for more control and stopping power on every shot.

The new AD333 will be available on 20th January 2024 with an RRP of £28, €30 per dozen in both Pure White, Tour Yellow colour offerings.

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  1. Teknik Elektro avatar
    Teknik Elektro

    Can you provide more details about the specific tour-inspired technology incorporated into the new Srixon AD333 and how they contribute to exceptional distance and feel on shots? Greeting : Telkom University

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