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There’s always a bit of a murmur when a new golf ball lands at IGM Headquarters and so it was when a box of the new (to Ireland) Sugar Balls arrived.

The brand of course is well recognised in the USA and market themselves as selling a lower cost ball with higher end performance. They only sell one type of ball to keep the production costs down and the packaging is refreshingly minimal.

On top of that they don’t go in for big marketing campaigns which can add significantly to the end user pricing and this, they say, is why they can offer a ‘Cube’ of 27 balls to Irish consumers for €84 which includes free EU shipping. It’s certainly an attractive price point, but are they are any good?

Well, we’ve tried them out and have to say they performed pretty well. The Sugar Ball is a 3-piece urethane ball, manufactured at the same factories as many of the other bigger brand balls, so the finish is a quality one and Sugar Golf say the product is designed to compete with the ProV1, Hex Chrome and Vice Pro balls.

On our limited testing we achieved spin rates on short shots in the 8000 range which shows the ball has plenty of ‘nip’ around the green. On driver this rate went over 2800 so it was a little spinny but the distance was still at the 300+ yard mark of our tester.

If you’re watching your carbon footprint, the packaging is all corrugated recyclable cardboard, designed to minimise waste and if you’re not too easily led by the marketing and aren’t psychologically tied to one brand, then the Sugar Ball could be a solid option for you.

A couple of our testers had this to say;

AM: “My big take away from the Sugar ball. It feels good, it plays good, it is good!..But I’m institutionalised by the marketeers. It’s not a ProV1 or a TP5 and because of that I feel like I’m missing out on something that I can’t place my finger on.”

SMc: “I liked this ball. It played well off the tee for me, it putted well, it’s a great price, it suited my game and I shared some with my playing partners who loved them too. I’m definitely investing in a Cube or two for the winter months.”

Sugar Balls are available exclusively online from www.EGNGolf.eu and as they ship from Ireland for Europe, the delivery is pretty quick.

Don’t take our word for it, give them a try and see for yourself!

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