Titleist unveils improved Velocity & Tour Soft Balls for 2020

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Titleist are upping the stakes in 2020 with new and improved Velocity & Tour Soft ball options for the upcoming season.

Both offerings are set to hit shelves in February boasting even better technology, design and core attributes sure to help your golf game come Spring.

Titleist Velocity

Every component of the new Titleist Velocity golf ball has been engineered for maximum velocity, including new aerodynamic and core technologies that deliver the longest, best performing Velocity yet.

Golfers can also experience the speed of Velocity in style, with three new matte colour options (Pink, Green and Orange) added for 2020.

“Velocity golfers love distance, and they never stop asking us for more yards,” said Michael Mahoney, Vice President at Golf Ball Marketing.

“But we know they’re also trying to shoot lower scores, and distance is only one part of that equation. The advancements our engineers have made to Velocity’s aerodynamics package and high-speed core technology are meaningful. Golfers can take aim from further away – confident that if they put a good swing on it, they’ll have the extra distance to reach the green with the ball flight to stop it there.”

Available in Titleist Authorised Retailers from February 7th, 2020 Velocity has been improved through comprehensive golfer feedback and new innovations developed inside the Titleist Golf Ball R&D labs.


The improved performance of 2020 Velocity is enhanced by three new colour options featuring a high optic, vibrant matte finish. Golfers can now choose from Matte Pink (play numbers #1-4), Matte Green (#00-11-22-33) and Matte Orange (#00-11-22-33), in addition to standard white (#1-4).

• The invention of a spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple design produces a more consistent, high-flying trajectory for longer distance

• Velocity’s engine – a larger, higher speed LSX core – generates fast initial velocity with extremely low spin on all full swing shots to help golfers get every last yard

• The increased core size also adds spin for greater stoppability on approach shots

• Fast NaZ+ Cover formulation is designed for speed and playable greenside feel

The new Velocity is manufactured by Titleist associates at Titleist’s owned-and-operated Ball Plant 2 in North Dartmouth, Mass., ensuring the most consistent performance and quality in every dozen and every ball.


Titleist Tour Soft

Titleist Tour Soft was first introduced two years ago, utilising new material and process technologies to deliver the best performance in its category – offering a superior combination of soft compression feel, very fast speed for commanding distance and excellent short game spin and control.

“Golfers wanting to play a softer-feeling ball shouldn’t have to sacrifice yards off the tee or control into the green,” said Mahoney.

“We know they have real golf to play and their ball has to be much more than just soft. The new generation of Tour Soft continues to show what’s possible in a lower compression design. Our engineers have developed a longer, all-around better performing golf ball that maintains the soft and responsive feel that golfers love about this product.”

For golfers who prefer a softer-feeling golf ball, the new 2020 Tour Soft improves upon its prior generation with real performance advancements to help them play better.


Tour Soft’s sidestamp has been redesigned and integrated into a new alignment aid feature for 2020. The alignment stamp – resembling a “T” shape – makes it easier for golfers to line up their Tour Soft on the green or tee, without having to mark lines on the ball.


• Titleist’s largest golf ball core is now even larger, delivering faster ball speeds for category-leading distance off the tee

• The larger core size required engineers to make Tour Soft’s high performance 4CE grafted cover system even thinner, producing increased short game spin around the green

• Enhanced aerodynamics – a new spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design – provides a more penetrating ball flight

• Doubling as an alignment aid, the new Tour Soft “T” sidestamp provides golfers the option for easy alignment on the tee or green

The new Tour Soft, offered in both white and high-optic yellow, is manufactured by Titleist associates at Titleist’s owned-and-operated Ball Plant 2 in North Dartmouth, Mass., ensuring the most consistent performance and quality in every dozen and every ball.

“When we began offering alignment aid stamps through our My Titleist customiser (on Titleist.com) in February of 2018, they instantly became the most popular options among golfers choosing to add custom logos to their golf ball,” said Product Manager Michael Fish.

“Our research and testing with Tour Soft golfers showed an overwhelming preference for using an enhanced alignment stamp and they put this ‘T’ mark at the top of their list.”


The new Titleist Velocity and Titleist Tour Soft are available in Titleist Authorised Retailers from February 7th.

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