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Wilson Golf has added supercharged Velociticor technology to the new Wilson Staff DUO Soft+ golf ball that replaces the original DX2 Soft version – making it the world’s softest and longest, 35 compression two-piece golf ball on the market.

The new technology within the Wilson Staff DUO Soft+ incorporates advanced materials to extract and amplify every ounce of power from a player’s swing to provide greater distance and exceptional feel with every shot.

“We wanted to keep the same consistency and reliability that the DX-brand was renowned for in Europe, but add the new technology we have developed in the Wilson Innovation Centre in Chicago,” said Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Golf Ball Innovation at Wilson Golf.  “Our research found when using a driver, the initial velocity of the new DUO Soft+ ball increased by two miles per hour. We then repeated the test using a 7-iron and the results were equally impressive, beating some of the more expensive premium balls on the market in distance. The DUO line of golf balls has been extremely popular with golfers across the USA for many years and now we can present the same brand message to golfers around the world,” he added.

Available in a standard gloss white for men (red logo) and women (aqua), the new Wilson Staff DUO Soft+ ball is available in stores at the end of January with an RRP of €23 per dozen.

DUO Optix style update

Wilson is also adding bolder and brighter colourways to its popular Optix range with the new Wilson Staff DUO Optix packing more distance than ever before.

Built with a smaller core and designed with a semi-translucent highly visible and colourful matte cover – which minimises sun glare off the cover at address – the new DUO Optix is longer and even brighter than the previous model to ensure the ball can be easily tracked in-flight or found on all types of ground.

Featuring a soft, highly resilient polybutadiene core, the DUO Optix is designed to provide players with exceptional feel and straighter shots from tee to green. “Wilson was the first brand to launch a low-compression Matte finish coloured ball and the Optix range has gone from strength to strength ever since,” said Frank. “The new colours are not only easier to see in all conditions, but the core and technology used ensures exceptional feel and straighter shots,” he added.

Available in even bolder matte red, yellow, orange and green options, the Wilson Staff DUO Optix golf ball will be available at the end of January at the same €23 RRP per dozen.

DUO Professional

The 2020 Wilson Staff ball range continues to feature the DUO Professional, the world’s softest premium 3-piece Urethane golf ball, as part of its pioneering trend in low compression golf ball technology.

Offering the ultimate in Tour-level feel and distance with its ultra-thin Urethane cast construction, the Wilson Staff DUO Professional features exceptional scuff resistance and optimum greenside spin for maximum feel and control.

The 60-compression ball incorporates a seamless 362-dimple pattern for enhanced distance and trajectory compared to rival 3-piece balls on the market and its available in four stand out colours – Matte yellow, Matte orange, Matte Green and standard gloss White.

The Wilson Staff DUO Professional is available now at an RRP of €35 per dozen.

For more information on the Wilson Staff low compression golf ball range, as well as clubs, bags and accessories, go to www.wilson.com

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