XXIO announce the all-new XXIO 13, XXIO 13 Ladies, and XXIO Rebound Drive II golf balls

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Rather than trying to design clubs that attempt to fit all players, XXIO have always stuck to the light weight super premium offerings that don’t compromise on ways to attack the specific swing flaws of slower swing speeds. That means lightweight construction and faces designed to flex as much as possible giving players that need it most more speed.

For 2024 XXIO, a sister company of Srixon and Cleveland Golf, has again focused  its new offerings towards moderate swing speeds, specifically those under 90mph with XXIO 13 . This complete line of woods and irons is absolutely loaded with technology to make the game more enjoyable for the company’s target demographic. In addition, while sometimes women’s equipment seems to be an afterthought at some companies, XXIO clearly shows their devotion to servicing this important and fast growing demographic with XXIO 13 Ladies.

Designed specifically for the moderate swing speed golfer, XXIO 13 is a pristine collection of Woods and Irons empowering players to achieve greater distance, straighter shots, and better control with ease. Packed with specialised technologies to amplify performance on the course, this lightweight premium offering is tailored for golfers with swing speeds of 90mph or less.


“XXIO is continuing to up the ante in lightweight technology, by making these world class golf clubs even easier to swing. Golfers with moderate swing speeds looking to gain back distance and consistency will find it with XXIO 13,” said Joe Miller, XXIO European Product Manager. “Our engineers have refined each new technology feature to better aid golfers’ performance from tee to green, so players can have the utmost confidence that their best golf is ahead of them.”

The attention to detail in the design and construction of XXIO 13 begins with an all-new BiFlex Face. Featured on both XXIO 13 and XXIO 13 Ladies, the new BiFlex Face creates a 125% higher COR area compared to the previous generation. Acting as a strong frame around the club face, BiFlex strategically reinforces precise locations to optimise ball speeds across the entire face. To further enhance COR, XXIO 13’s Flat Cup Face made from special Super-TIX® 51AF Titanium allows for an even thinner, faster face for increased ball speed even on mishits.

Like the previous generation, XXIO’s proprietary Weight Plus Technology is placed under the grip, promoting an easier takeaway and release in the downswing. Additionally, all-new ActivWing helps guide the club face into an ideal position during the downswing for more consistent results.
Another featured technology across XXIO 13 is Rebound Frame. Consisting of four alternating layers of flexible and rigid zones, Rebound Frame injects more energy into the golf ball for increased ball speeds and distance.

XXIO 13 Ladies
Tailored to the female golfer, XXIO 13 Ladies is a lightweight set of Woods and Irons individually crafted to suit a woman’s swing or style. A key feature of XXIO 13 Ladies is ActivWing technology featured on the Driver, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids. This new technology guides the club face into an optimal striking position, making it easier for female golfers to hit the sweet spot consistently and improve their ball speed.

XXIO 13 Ladies Irons are designed to launch higher and go farther, thanks to their 4-piece construction and thin, lightweight titanium face. Each Iron is meticulously optimised by loft, ensuring that long-Irons provide enhanced ball speed and a lower Centre of Gravity for maximum carry, while short-Irons emphasise control with a higher CG for improved high-low MOI.
With its lightweight design, advanced technologies, and optimised performance, this premium offering combines individually developed components and premium technologies to help female golfers who swing 90mph or less hit longer, straighter shots. XXIO 13 Ladies’ focus on speed, accuracy, and consistency, ensures that women can enjoy a better and easier golfing experience.

Rebound Drive II
Providing versatile performance that golfers need for any situation on the course, XXIO’s Rebound Drive II golf balls deliver all-around performance for consistent shots from tee to green. Rebound Drive II features XXIO’s proprietary Rebound Frame Technology. Rebound Frame uses a 3-layer structure of alternating high and low rigidity areas to produce the right amount of flex for each shot. This setup promotes higher ball speeds and softer feel at impact.
Rebound Drive II comes in four different colour options, including White, Premium White, Lime Yellow & Premium Pink.

To learn more about the new XXIO 13 offerings visit https://eu.dunlopsports.com/xxio

XXIO 13 / XXIO 13 Ladies driver will have an RRP of £749 / €849 with the Fairway Woods at £499 / €549 and Hybrids £349/ €399
The irons will be available in graphite for an RRP of £240 / €270 per stick with a 5-piece Graphite set (6-pw) also available for £1,199/ €1,349.  Rebound Drive II golf balls will retail for £50 / €55 per dozen.

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