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Us golfers tend to be very picky when it comes to fairway woods and you often see three woods from a decade ago in players bags, even on Tour. One club can’t be perfect for every player so with the Qi10 fairway wood family, TaylorMade offers three very different clubs that share some key technologies.

The standard Qi10 has been made to blend forgiveness and distance in an all-around fairway wood, while the Max version has a higher moment of inertia to make it extremely forgiving and easy to launch high into the air. The Qi10 Tour blends a titanium face with a sliding weight and adjustable hosel, making it the club low-handicap players can fine-tune easily.

Each member of the Qi10 fairway wood family has a uniquely optimised face design focused around maximising ball speed across the face for each individual loft. TaylorMade engineers used iterative computer simulations to determine the shape and thickness of each area to properly maximise the COR area around where golfers are most likely to impact the ball with each fairway model.


Since 2015, TaylorMade fairway woods have had a very distinctive look, combining a carbon fibre crown with a stainless steel piece that joins the crown and face. In some clubs, such as the M4, M6 and SIM fairway woods, that area was even white to create a contrast and help golfers improve their alignment. But in the Qi 10 fairway woods, that ledge area is gone. Now the carbon fibre crown, which is larger, extends right up to the face where it meets the hitting area. TaylorMade refers to it as an Infinity Crown, and it not only creates a more-premium look in the address position, it also reduces weight in the top of the club.

“One thing that golfers may not know is that the steel model of TaylorMade fairway woods is among the most played on Tour year after year. With the added performance of Qi10 delivered by the Infinity Carbon Crown and repositioned internal mass pads, we are confident that trend will continue. This is a very clean overall design that delivers the vibrant sound and powerful distance that TaylorMade fairway woods are accustomed to achieving.” Tomo Bystedt, Senior Director Product Creation

The Qi10 Fairway incorporates proven TaylorMade technologies such as the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and laser etched topline. Respectively, these features boost speed on low face shots and promote consistently accurate alignment. Continuing the legacy of V Steel™ technology, the Qi10 Fairway’s sole design improves turf interaction and versatility.

Internal mass pads have been designed for balanced performance, weight has been split between low-forward and low-back to produce a hot trajectory with ample forgiveness.

The Qi10 Max Fairway takes TaylorMade’s proven formula for this target golfer and enhances it for extreme forgiveness and playability. Its larger front-to-back shape allows for increased inertia that’s designed to deliver more stability at impact. A shallower profile and extreme MOI allows for higher launch and forgiveness across the face making this the most forgiving fairway TaylorMade has ever made.

Departing from the traditional, the Qi10 Max Fairway boasts an ultra-high MOI construction, combining low CG projection with a confidence inspiring 200cc head volume. Internal mass pads have been designed for maximum forgiveness with the weight moved to the extreme low back, making this fairway TaylorMade’s easiest to hit in the line.

The Qi10 Tour fairway features a titanium head that frees up additional mass for precise CG placement in a compact, Tour-proven shape. It boasts a lower profile moveable weight system with a 50g sliding weight and a 2° loft sleeve to offer versatile flight options. Golfers can shift the weight back for higher launch and stability, centre it for all-around performance or move it forward for a low-spin ball flight with maximum distance.

New to the Qi10 Tour Fairway is the integration of a TSS weight and the innovative Infinity Carbon Crown. The TSS weight enables precise customisation for pinpoint swing weighting, while the infinity crown provides a sleek, clean look at address that makes alignment easy.

Qi10 Tour fairway combines proven TaylorMade innovations like multi-material titanium carbon construction, laser topline alignment and Twist Face®. These features blend seamlessly to enhance overall performance across a variety of on-course scenarios.

Pricing, Availability & Specifications

The Qi10 family of fairways are available for pre order now. Qi10 Max and Qi10 will be available at retail starting Feb. 2, 2024 and Qi10 Tour will be available at retail starting Feb. 16, 2024.

Qi10 fairways have an RRP of RRP of €379 and available in 3-wood (15°, RH/LH), 3-wood HL (16.5°, RH), 5-wood (18°, RH/LH), 7-wood (21°, RH/LH) and 9-wood (24°, RH) with Fujikura Ventus TR Blue FW 6 (R, S, X).

Qi10 Max fairways also have an RRP of €379 and available in both RH and LH 3-Wood (16°), 5-Wood (19°), and 7-Wood (22°) with Fujikura Speeder NX TCS 50 (S, R, A) shafts. There is also a women’s Qi10 Max offering in the same lofts with Fujikura Speeder NX TCS 40 shaft at the same price.

Qi10 Tour fairways have an RRP of €479 and available in both RH and LH 3-wood (15°) and 5-wood (18°).
Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 Tour fairways come with Golf Pride’s Z-Grip Plus2 0.600 52g. QI10 Max women’s fairways have Lamkin’s ST Soft Grey/White 0.580 40g grip.

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