Golfstream goes back to basics with new Blue trolley

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Peter Finnan

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Golfstream has launched what they believe to be the future of golf trolleys as Europe’s leading supplier of powered golf trolley spares and lithium batteries look to take this product to the next level.

The Blue could be the simplest powered golf trolley ever released as it goes back to basics and avoid the complications that come with various pieces of technology. This powered trolley is presented with a simple on off button and blue LED light to indicate when the power has been switched on.

The concept of this trolley is to make pushing your golf clubs around the course as easy and stress-free as possible. The trolley features a simple no screen handle and it is a lightweight piece of equipment that is easy to set up and comes with a light 18-hole lithium battery.

In order to get the trolley in motion, you must turn the button clockwise and you can turn it clockwise and anti-clockwise to select your desired speed. Press the button again to turn the trolley off and another press will trigger the Blue to resume at the speed set when the trolley was stopped.

Managing Director Derek Richford said: “Increasing numbers of golfers in all age groups are using electric golf trolleys to transport their clubs and golf gear around the golf course. More and more golfers tell us that, whilst all the technology in the handle can be useful, it is available through other products that they already have in their bag, all they want is a golf trolley that is reliable, easy to set up and straightforward to use.

“The Golfstream Blue is perfectly placed to meet their needs. Add in our renowned one click open and close system, easy on off wheels, Caddycell battery that comes with every golf Golfstream Blue* and a golfer could not ask for a simpler solution for getting their golf clubs around the course.

“We are delighted with the result, and I suspect there isn’t a simpler electric golf trolley to use anywhere,” he added.

Trolleys can often be complicated set up for use but a key feature of the Blue is a one click open and close technique which not only saves time but makes the use of your trolley a seamless experience. From the folded position the golfer simply lifts the handle and the trolley is then raised and clicked into place.

The process to fold up is also quite simple. Simply press the folding button on the trolley and it will collapse into a folded state and an in-built magnet will ensure the trolley is held firm in the folded position.

At just 280mm and easy fit wheels the Blue is compact enough to fit into the majority of car boots for ease of transport and it is easy to carry at just 9kg.

For the boggy wintery conditions the front wheel has a non-clog feature which makes cleaning an easy task.

The trolley also features quick release wheels and speed increments of 0.5.

The high-grip PU tyres are five times more durable than normal tires and the 230w motor carry’s clubs with ease across the roughest of terrains.

An 18-hole lithium CaddyCell LifePO4 battery, which is supplied as standard, sits in a sleek power platform that is conveniently designed to take all other popular brands of 12volt batteries. An accessory station is also included with a comfortable T-shaped handle for easy navigation around the golf course.

The blue colour scheme can be quickly swapped to any one of five colours from Golfstream’s accessory range.

The blue electric trolley has a RRP of €549 and can also be purchased without a battery if you already have a CaddyCell.

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