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Power Over Me

When you consider how some golf clubs are holding on by their fingertips, you would be doing communities and their golf clubs a huge favour by taking your next golf break in Ireland

Could we be set for another epidemic of Olympic withdrawals?

Few will need reminding of the Zika virus' impact on golf participation at the Rio Olympics. Now, with Tokyo looming, there is a much more serious and very real threat on the horizon that could have an even greater impact

Give yourself a break 

The best players in the world are more likely to miss an eight footer than hole it, so why burden ourselves with unrealistic expectations each time we play? Asks Karl Morris

The inevitability of McIlroy’s success

Again in contention, another top-10 & still number one. The win didn't arrive at Riviera for Rory McIlroy but it's coming and soon

Oh, Pádraig we do…Oh Pádraig, we love you…

We, the Irish sporting public, love Pádraig Harrington as was evident from the reception the three-time Major champion received when he walked onto the set for the Tommy Tiernan Show on RTE One which was screened last Saturday night

Putting things in perspective

Weather conditions at this time of year can prove frustrating for a golfer but it could be so much worse

Crowning success of Major title remains out of reach for many...

Colin Montgomerie the epitome of a great player who missed out on ultimate glory. As long as there is breath in his body and he can wield a golf club, Lee Westwood will strive might and main to avoid Monty’s fate

18 and Life*

Despite the obvious problems faced by the golf industry today, some clubs are working their fingers to the bone, and many are coming up smelling of roses

Confessions of a weary pro shop assistant part III

As storm Ciara batters the country this weekend, spare a thought for your local PGA professional trapped behind the counter with nowhere else to go

The Ace of Clubs

Fancy getting your hands on a 2020 Ford Focus (or €20,000), Life membership at Carne, a weekend for two at Abbeyglen Castle Hotel and more? Then look no further than Carne's Super Draw
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