Remembering Baltray; The week that changed Shane Lowry’s life

It's 10 years to the day since Shane Lowry shocked the golfing world winning the Irish Open at Baltray as an amateur. 10 years on, we caught up with the Clara golfer to talk about that fateful Sunday

Ian St John – My uphill Battle

Waterford native Ian St John was living out a dream before a twist of fate struck him down. His ongoing battle to walk again is a lesson to us all

Harrington and Wilson are the perfect partnership

In February IGM's Paul Gallagher caught up with Padraig Harrington to chat about his 18-year association with Wilson Golf.  If you haven't read it yet, you really should. Write the questions down, add the supplementaries...

Ruddy Golf – A game for all 

Pat Ruddy was Ireland’s first full-time golf writer and is owner and architect of the European Club at Brittas Bay. Peter Finnan sat down with the legendary golf course designer to discuss his most proud works to date, the state of modern golf and his hopes for the future.

Waterville’s David Higgins – The quiet man

It’s been a long season for David Higgins, and with the last of the competitive golf behind him, the Waterville native can look back on 2017 as another successful year. Starting with the Munster PGA...

Neil Manchip, National coach and Ireland’s Pied Piper

Neil Manchip is an integral part of Irish golf. As National Coach for over ten years he’s seen it all and done it all, with some of the best Ireland has ever produced.

Modest! Golf’s Niall Horan and Mark McDonnell exclusive Q&A

Irish Golfer talks exclusively to Modest! Golf directors Niall Horan and Mark McDonnell to discuss their first Irish signings. It’s been over two years since Niall Horan was involved in setting up Modest! Golf with...

The MODEST! Golf management story

As Modest! Golf establishes itself on the golf scene, Paul Gallagher talks exclusively to Niall Horan and the team behind the brand to get the rundown on their vision for the management company with...

No Regrets a year on for Damien McGrane

Damien McGrane might be a man of many things but regret never enters the equation. A unique breed of golfer in his own right, he never harboured dreams of stardom. Where others grew up...

Shane Lowry’s fond memories of “The week that changed my life”

The transition from the amateur to professional ranks seems to be the toughest task facing most elite amateurs leaving the comfort of the GUI nest in recent years. Those first few years are make...
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