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Lynx Golf revolutionises junior clubs with new 2020 collection

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Lynx Golf is a brand we’ve all heard of but has been absent from these shores for some time. However, that’s all set to change with their all-new 2020 collection due to be unveiled at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando this week, which includes the outstanding new Junior Ai range promising to revolutionise golf equipment for the younger player.

This groundbreaking Junior range is being launched following independent testing conducted by German-based T&K Golf Research which recently showed that the Lynx Junior Ai driver paired with the Junior Ai golf ball outdrove the nearest competitor by an average of 50 metres.

The Ai collection offers proportionally differing club head sizes and weights across six height coded sections. Each includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons, wedges, a putter and matching bag. As an example of how Lynx resized the clubs to benefit different segments of junior golfers, a 6-iron in the smallest blue section measures 7% lighter and shorter than the next size up, the red section.

Borne out of extensive research, coupled with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, the Junior Ai range includes re-tooled grips, heads, shafts, ferrules and hosels designed to be smaller, lighter, and sized to the proper proportions as the rest of the club. When combined with the Lynx Junior Ai ball, deliberately made lighter and easier to get airborne, the results during field testing were eye opening.

“Beating other brands by up to 50 metres was a sensational result and proof that using adult-sized components in a child’s golf club – as many of our competitors do – does not give them the correct feel and weighting that they ought to have,” says Steve Elford, CEO of Lynx Golf.

“The design decision to downsize every single one of our components across the range and take into account a child’s strength development and increased swing speeds as they get older, stronger, and more confident, has been absolutely vindicated in these results.”

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The new Lynx Junior Ai range will be a cornerstone of the company’s booth at the PGA Merchandise Show, but there are also multiple innovations to be seen throughout its latest adult ranges too.

Lynx will showcase the conforming model of its Prowler VT Driver with Switch Face Technology – with removable and interchangeable loft faces which are now in full production after the prototype unveiled at last year’s PGA Merchandise Show created massive global interest.

The result of nearly a decade of trials and testing, Prowler VT brings a new level of club customisation as Switch Face Technology allows golfers to change the true loft of the hitting surface while keeping the clubhead square to the ball. This revolutionary driver is designed with an entirely removable face that is secured to the clubhead via attachment screws – and different loft and lie combination faces are available.

Elsewhere, the Lynx Predator range for men is completely revamped and redesigned for 2020 with new woods and irons throughout the marque while for women, the all-new Lynx Crystal range is redesigned throughout the bag in a smart black/bronze design and a new super-forgiving driver is joined by three fairway woods (17, 22 and 27 degrees) and a 4 (23 degree) and 5 (27 degree) hybrid choice. With ultra-forgiving, matching irons, the entire Crystal collection is easy-to-hit and a joy to play with.

To complement the launches Lynx is introducing the @ttitude (Attitude) waterproof bags this year. With cart and stand bag options both boasting an array of premium features and in a stunning suite of colours, this modern, stylish and practical bag looks set to offer any golfer outstanding storage and gear protection in all weathers.

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