Club Review: Srixon Z765 driver. Not to be overlooked

Peter Finnan

If you are looking for a new driver in 2017, don’t overlook the Srixon Z765 driver.
It was designed for the better golfer, but has many forgiving features that will keep the ball on-line and still plenty long.  This 445cc driver looks great, feels solid. The Srixon Z765 driver is Sneaky Good!!
While it might not have the hype that others drivers have generated, this “players” driver is sneaky good and was voted recently by MyGolfSpy as the most wanted in 2017.

The 2017 Srixon line up is interesting because they barely changed the irons, but completely revamped the woods.  It makes sense since their previous iron line was so good, why changed it, while their woods were good, but had room for some improvements.  The newly designed woods start with a Power Wave sole.  It basically looks like a tiered sole from front to back which I assumed was for aerodynamics, only to learn that it is really a version of “slot” technology for the entire sole.  It is designed to allow the entire sole to flex on low face shots creating more speed on mishits.  I was able to test this with a few mishits of my own on the course and sure enough there is some legitimacy to this tech as those low hits were almost just as long as centre face hits.

Srixon also redesigned the face making what they call a stretch cup face.  The idea is to make the face go further back on the body of the driver to create a bigger sweet spot.  Since the Z765 driver is only 445cc, any additional forgiveness is appreciated.  I really didn’t feel like I was missing out any forgiveness with this driver.  I hit the majority of fairways with this driver in the bag.  The crown was also lightened to move the CG lower and reduce some spin.


The most notable change that you will feel with this driver is the D5 swing weight.  It creates a “heavy head” feel which kind of feels like swinging a hammer into the ball.  There tends to be a little more whip sensation with the higher swing weight, which also means the MOI is a little higher in this club too so another way Srixon added some forgiveness.  The Miyazaki Kaula shaft has a significant kick for a 65 gram stiff flex shaft.  The overall feel is really good and it really feels like you hammer the ball on each swing and the results were sneaky good.
The Srixon Z765 driver is designed for the better player, but if you generate the club head speed and like the 445cc driver, you are going to really like the on course results.

It delivers similar performance as some of the higher profile drivers in the market, but without as much hype or bells and whistles and will probably be a lot cheaper as a result.
That is where the Z 565 fits into the bigger picture and if you prefer its cleaner looks and the excellent stock Miyazaki shaft works for you, then it is a worthy choice.

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