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With all the driver talk now about CG it only stands to reason that certain CG placements are better for different golfers.  If everyone needed the same thing, we’d all play the same driver and get the same numbers.  But as everyone knows, having a driver fit to your needs is key to maximizing distance.  The Cobra King F7 rules the fitting ability to adjust the CG.

Cobra isn’t the only company to offer an adjustable driver, but what they do offer is the most CG adjustable driver.
Available in great colour options of black with orange highlights; blue with red & white highlights and silver with yellow highlights the F7 is the world’s first “connected golf club”. A shot-tracking sensor from Arccos Golf is embedded in the grip that records data for every drive you hit and makes it easy to analyse and share your long game performance across social media.

I still think Cobra do not get the respect in the market place they deserve. The King F7 is fantastic in terms of adjustability and forgiveness. It features a three sole weight system that allows the weight to be shifted into three different settings and a very intuitive hosel system that allows eight different settings. It’s probably the most forgiving driver head for off centre hits with the most friendly and forgiving face that I have tested. From a technology and design perspective the team at Cobra have done a remarkable job with this club. The extra tech you get with the built in Arccos technology in the grip is also a great added bonus.

The Textreme carbon fibre used in the F7 head is 20 per cent lighter, creating a lower and deeper CG. Three adjustable weights on the sole, a 12g and two 2g weights, allows golfers to adjust launch, spin and add draw bias.
Also comes in F7+ version , which has a smaller address profile, deeper face and lower loft range. Cobra Connect automatically tracks your drives through a free smartphone app kept in your pocket.
Whether you opt for black, blue or silver, the King F7 driver has a large, confidence-inspiring profile at address with lots of loft on show and subtle graphics. The shiny finish may produce a little sun glare, something that’s not a problem on the F7 thanks to a matte finish on top.
Faster swingers will likely require the F7+ model, which provides a little less spin and has lower loft settings to assist a more suitable ball flight.

Available in four colour options and in Lofts: 9°-12°. Stock shaft: Fujikura Pro 60 with an RRP of €379

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