Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor – Pro-Level Data in The Palm of Your Hand

Peter Finnan

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor brings launch monitor data to a handheld form all on your iPhone for a price that’s a fraction compared to traditional launch monitors.

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) is the only launch monitor that uses the power and convenience of your own iOS device to deliver industry validated, pro-level data to golfers of every skill level.

Rapsodo has harnessed the power of your mobile device and combined it with their professional grade machine learning to create the Mobile Launch Monitor. You will be able to work on your game like never before with professional accuracy for shot distance, ball speed, club speed and launch angle, launch direction and shot shape.


Review your shots and improve your game with video on each shot you take and an active tracer to track your shot shape. Share videos with your friends when you bomb a drive or pinpoint an iron. With ground-breaking features like GPS maps to show your shot scatter on your home range and interactive games, the Mobile Launch Monitor will transform how you play golf.

The Rapsodo MLM tracks ball velocity, smash factor, launch angle, trajectory height and distance. Data storage allows for not only individual club distance gapping throughout your bag with video review as well.

The Rapsodo MLM uses high-level 24ghz radar, employs automatic club recognition, and the product comes with a carrying case, UBS charging cable and features a 10-hour rechargeable battery.

Key Features:

  • VIDEO PLAYBACK: Choose video option during a session to get instant video replays of your shot delivered with your stats.
  • SHOT TRACER: See your game like the pros with an active tracer on your video replays, allowing you to analyze your ball flight like never before.
  • SATELLITE RANGE MAPPING: Using your phone’s GPS, see where all of your shots land on your actual course or range.
  • SMART CLUB RECOGNITION: No need to manually change your club. Simply activate the club change sensor and show the club to the camera.
  • BAG MAPPING: Visualize your ball flight for each club on a distance map to know what club to hit on the course.
  • SHOT LIBRARY: All your shots are collected to review stats over your lifetime using the MLM.

Rapsodo MLM has an RRP of €649 and is available at select proshops around Ireland and online at McGuirksGolf.com (Use discount code IGM10 at checkout for 10% off)


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  1. Olga avatar

    I bought the rapsodo launch monitor to practice in the garage during the lockdown. I was able to really dial in my swing speed and make the adjustments that I needed to maximize clubhead speed. I now take it to the range or use it in the garage. It’s small, lightweight, and powerful. Combining it with my phone camera has helped tremendously. If you are ain the market for one, this guy is great

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