Titleist delivers 3 new iron designs powered by max impact

Peter Finnan

Three striking new iron designs form the new Titleist T-Series – available for fittings from 8th August and in store from 30th August.

The new T-Series T100, T200 and T300 models offer a combination of power, performance, playability and feel unlike anything Titleist has ever designed.

T100 offers confidence-inspiring looks and Tour-quality performance with signature Titleist feel. A new fully-forged cavity construction is balanced by co-forged, dual-density tungsten for precise distance control and stability.


T200 delivers powerfully playable distance with a tour-inspired look and feel. Max Impact technology spreads maximum speed and distance control evenly across T200’s thin, forged L-face – with high launch and stopping power – to convert near misses into nearly perfect.

T300 offers the most forgiving player experience possible with a modern shape that rewards with faster ball speeds and preferred feel. Max Impact technology extends maximum speed across an extremely forgiving mid-size face, powering a fast cavity-back design that delivers the best combination of high launch, long distance and forgiveness.

Josh Talge, Vice President at Titleist said:

“The T-Series represents a revolutionary step forward in Titleist iron design and technology. Our Club R&D team is nearly six times the size it was when the first AP iron was introduced 11 years ago. It’s because of that ongoing investment that we’ve been able to make such significant breakthroughs in materials and construction, and learn how to package those technologies into constructions that offer the look, sound and feel that players expect from a Titleist iron.”

While Marni Ines, Director at Titleist Irons Development added:

“There are three key elements to hitting a great iron shot: distance, dispersion and angle of descent. T-Series technology helps players carry the ball longer and hit their number more consistently, even when they don’t make a perfect strike. Dispersion is tighter, so the ball stays on target. And trajectory is optimised, so the ball not only lands on the green, but stays there. Length means nothing if you don’t have control.”

The T200 and T300 irons are powered by Max Impact Technology, a striking innovation that extends maximum speed across the entire face of mid and long irons while preserving superior sound and feel.

“Max Impact allows us to push the limits of iron ball speed,” added Ines. “With this system in place, we’re able to take our materials and make them thinner and faster to maximise speed across the face, and help give us the launch angle we need to deliver more consistent distances on every swing. In other words, you’ll end up with more shots that hit the green – and stop there.”

“Being able to rely on the material expertise of our Golf Ball R&D team, we were able to build a polymer core with properties that not only deliver the resilience we needed for speed performance but also sound dampening that helps us dial in the preferred feel for each construction.”

“With T100 we wanted to build an iron that delivers incredible performance and perfectly suits the player’s eye,” Ines said. “This is a precision product. It’s not about hitting it the furthest, it’s about hitting it that exact distance each and every time, being able to work the ball when necessary and having that pure look and feel that the best players in the world demand.”

Free trial and fittings

From August 8th golfers can experience the performance of new T-Series irons by attending a Titleist Fitting and Trial event (including Titleist Thursdays). To find an event, or book a free T-Series iron fitting with a Titleist Product Specialist, golfers can visit www.titleist.co.uk/events.

T-Series Availability

New Titleist T-Series irons will be available at Titleist Authorised Retailers from August 30th 2019, with fittings from August 8th 2019. T100 & T200:

  • Steel: SRP £160 per club (£1,120/set of 7 irons)
  • Graphite: SRP £185 per club (£1,295/set of 7 irons) T300:
  • Steel: SRP £125 per club (£875/set of 7 irons)
  • Graphite: SRP £150 per club (£1,050/set of 7 irons)


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