Give you Travel Cover some backbone with BIG MAX Spine

Travelling abroad with your golf clubs can be a minefield, so much so that often people are reluctant to take the chance. From the strategic packing and weight allowances through to getting your gear to the airport and navigating departures, you’re often left wondering, particularly given the improved hire sets available around the world now, if it’s even worth the hassle. But all of those logistical headaches pale into insignificance when compared to arriving at your destination to damaged clubs.

Clever design and heavy-duty padding can go some way to easing your passage. Personally I’ve always been a big believer in DIY bulk bubble wrap; anything to keep my babies safe until I see them again at the other side. But now, the persistent pain of parting with golf club have finally been made easier thanks to one of the most simple inventions from golf bag and trolley specialist BIG MAX, providing the backbone that you need for travelling with clubs.

The Spine from BIG MAX is an extendable rigid support that sits in a golf bag and extends above the height of the longest club. The sturdy octagonal cap pushes into the top of any model travel cover while the lightweight extendable aluminium tubing supports the bag, creating clear space between the clubs and the top of the cover and adding virtually no weight to the overall total.


With an extensive range of travel covers, each with unique innovations designed to make travelling with clubs a little easier, BIG MAX knows a thing or two about golf travel. With this simple innovation, BIG MAX has taken that knowledge, given it some backbone and delivered a comforting extra level of protection from even the most ‘enthusiastic’ baggage handler’s efforts.

The price of peace of mind? BIG MAX Spine is available now for an SRP: €29.99

You can order yours HERE


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